The 2018 Conference

Five key themes from 2018

The 2018 conference covered all aspects of the industry, with presentations being grouped into five key themes.

The PIC International team secured leading industry insiders to present at PIC International 2018.

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Moving the data: PICs for cloud computing and telecoms

Data centres and networks need smart solutions to manage the sharp growth in traffic. What can integrated photonics bring to the table and how can developers make sure their products appeal to key customers?

PIC design, simulation and packaging: a blueprint for future success

How can we implement ideas faster and what needs to be considered to keep the final device cost on track?

Delivering the goods: advances in PIC manufacturing

What are the latest tools and techniques that can be deployed in the fab? And what are the options when it comes to evaluating the output?

Refining the PIC: achieving the next milestone in performance

What are the leading approaches for integrating key building blocks at the chip-level and how can we bring together electronics and photonics more efficiently?

PIC horizons: new and emerging applications for integrated photonics

How can developers capitalize on opportunities for optical platforms in growth areas such as medical diagnostics, industrial sensing and biological analysis?

26th   -   27th   MARCH   2019